Circle C Consulting, LLC.
Circle C Consulting, LLC.

FMCSA / DOT Compliance

FMCSA / DOT Audit Management

In the majority of FMCSA / DOT compliance reviews, there are numerous violations cited by FMCSA that could have been eliminated through a better understanding of evaluation criteria.  Circle C Consulting, LLC. can review your FMCSA (DOT) audit prior to a rating being issued to ensure that only valid violations are recorded.  Our staff is available to manage your FMCSA (DOT) audit and interface with the FMCSA investigators during the auditing process.


Safety / Compliance Program Outsourcing

Circle C Consulting, LLC.  can serve as your safety, compliance and risk management department.  The benefits to outsourcing include:

Reduce personnel costs.
More efficient handling of your program.
Qualified people in all phases of safety, compliance, and regulations when dealing with the regulating agencies.

When you outsource your safety and compliance program with Circle C Consulting, LLC. we become not just your consultant but also your partner in safety and compliance, providing you with a professional safety and compliance program that reduces your safety and regulatory exposure. 

FMCSA / DOT Mock Compliance Audits

The FMCSA has been moving towards a more performance-based enforcement of the regulations under the new CSA program and can expose your company to different interventions from FMCSA.  Your company can be selected for a compliance review or other interventions based on many different criteria under the new CSA programs, but a proactive compliance program can eliminate the uncertainty during a FMCSA (DOT) audit.  Circle C Consulting, LLC. can perform a “mock DOT audit” of your company, which will help you identify problem areas before FMCSA discovers them.

Driver / Vehicle File Management

Circle C Consulting, LLC. provides services to manage and maintain your driver qualification/vehicle files.  Our service ensures your files meet the applicable DOT regulations.  We also provide you with continuous updates pertaining to expiration dates, renewal dates, training requirements and regulatory updates.

Alcohol / Drug Testing Programs & Training

The FMCSA places a great deal of emphasis on your alcohol and drug testing programs.  Working in conjunction with several reputable drug testing companies, Circle C Consulting, LLC. can establish, monitor and manage this program for your company.  Allowing Circle C Consulting, LLC. to manage your drug testing program will ensure that you remain in compliance with the regulatory requirements.

Accident Investigation

Circle C Consulting, LLC. can serve as your on-site representative when your vehicle is involved in a collision.  With our experience and understanding of the industry and its accident investigation techniques, we will provide you with a more accurate understanding as to how the accident occurred and what factors were involved.

Driver Logs / Time Sheets

Circle C Consulting, LLC. has the ability to audit driver logs / time sheets.  In addition to auditing the data for hours of service, we will also design a comprehensive program to verify your driver logs for date and time accuracy.  We will generate a variety of individualized reports for the safety director and violation notices to the drivers.

FMCSA (DOT) Fine/Penalty Negotiation/Rating Upgrades

Circle C Consulting, LLC. can provide you with the necessary guidance and resources if you have received an enforcement action, civil forfeiture, or less than Satisfactory Rating notice from FMCSA.  Most carriers do not understand the impact an enforcement case can have on a company and will either pay the fine or enter into a consent agreement.  We have the experience and expertise to help you in these matters and to minimize the effect on your company.